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Tranquil Therapies available in Nenagh. Co.Tipperary,

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Awen  "Flowing Spirit"

What does Holistic Mean?

Holistic Therapies acknowledge the physical body and it’s symptoms as just one part of a person.Holistic means the whole person-Mind:Body:Spirit:


Can Holistic/Natural Therapies help?
Natural therapies may be helpful for those suffering from stress:depression:overwork:grief or illness,each therapy is different but all seek to rebalance the body & stimulate the body's own healing process,a review of your lifestyle may also help you to recognise areas or behaviour which have a negative impact on your wellbeing,while the homecare advice may help to continue the healing process.
While therapies are helpful the client ultimately has the power to make any changes that are necessary for their wellbeing
*A course of treatment may be advised,it is important to understand that Natural Therapies are not a cure all nor a quick fix.It may have taken months or years for a disease or disorder to take root in the body.It may also take time to bring balance back to the body,although some individuals may notice an immediate improvement.

 Sinead Tynan (CIBTAC & NCEF)?

Hons.Dip: Anatomy & Physiology:Hons Dip Reflexology:Hons Dip Indian Head Massage:Hons Dip Sports Massage: Dip. Aromatherapy: Dip: Body Massage:Dip Sports Therapy:Dip Tuina:Cert Hopi Ear Candling:Reiki Teacher/Master:Seichim:Crystal Healing:National Certificate Exercise & Fitness:Dip Shamanism


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